Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week at Our House # 3

  1. John had an ordinary week with work everyday. He has been helping me a lot more around the house and letting me get a more rest. I have really appreciated that a lot.
  2. I'm still surviving January. Every morning, I have to go out and scrape frost off the van in the dark before driving the kids to school. I find this task rather painful. Just a couple more months and I won't have to endure this anymore.
  3. On Friday, Ruth wanted to stay after school to find all of her classes for next term. I said she could and I would pick her up around 4. When I got her from school her friend needed a ride home too. As I drove Ruth and her friend home, Ruth talked to me and told me all about her day just like she does everyday. I was very pleased that Ruth was totally the same girl in front of her friends as she is with me everyday. I think that means Ruth has some really good friends.
  4. Kate got a 4.0 last term. Kate has a couple of good friends now that she hangs out with everyday. She is shy and it took her a long time to make some good friends. I am very pleased to have her happy with friends now. Kate had lots and lots of homework all week. She seems to want the whole family schedule to revolve around her homework. That's not going to happen. She would also like to be chore free if she has lots and lots of homework and that is not going to happen either. But I did threaten to ground her from doing homework for a week if she did not do her chores-- worked like a charm. :)
  5. Johnny had a normal week of school with nothing very special. Since he started a new semester, he no longer has PE. He is stuck having health. I feel bad. I know he would much rather have a whole year of physical activity.
  6. Adam read the scripture in Primary today. He read John 3:17 which says, "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." But Adam left out the "not" and read that God sent his Son into the world to condemn the world. John had a good laugh over that.
  7. Rachel has been doing her own hair very nicely every morning. She has also gotten really good at getting herself ready for school in the mornings while I drive all the older kids into school. Rachel seems pleased with her independence. I am pleased with it too. 
  8. Anya had a birthday party with a bunch of her kindergarten friends, a couple of neighbor's, Rachel, and her cousin Ada. We had a little tea party with a mini tea set, mini food, and hot chocolate. After the tea party, the little girls played and painted their nails. The little girls were so cute and calm. I love little girl parties. 
  9. Arwen played with the wii u remote and turned on some unknown app on the wii. Jospeh in exasperation said, "Why do little kids always get things." I had to laugh!!! I am not sure there is anything left in this house that Joseph hasn't gotten into. He seems to constantly be on a treasure hunt looking for the gold that John and I must be hiding somewhere.
  10. Joshua had his 3rd birthday on Friday!!! My mom sent him a big dump truck and back hoe that he has slept with every night since. Josh knew his birthday was coming. On Thursday we would ask what was happening tomorrow and Josh would happily declare, "My birthday!!" He loved his train cake, and his presents. He will not admit to being 3, though. He says he's 2, 10, or 8. He's such a sweety. We love having little Josh in our home! 
  11. Arwen was a tad grumpy this week. She seems to be experimenting with temper tantrums. She is finding out that in our home, a temper tantrum means you sit in your room until you calm down. 
  12. I am feeling baby # 10 moving around more and more. It always makes me happy to feel those tiny flutters. 
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LeAnn said...

You have such a precious family; I loved all the pictures.
Just a thought of two on having to scrape off the frost each morning.
I heard that you cold place towels over the windows and then just pull them off in the morning. Mind you I haven't tried that one. The one I know that works is to get a couple of pitchers of hot water and pour them over the window. Try it!
Blessings to you and I hope you get some good naps once in a while.