Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week at Our House # 2

  1. John got sick with a fever, runny nose, sore throat, and a cough. He worked from home most of the week. I kind of think he likes being sick, because his favorite thing to do is stay in bed all day and that is exactly what he got to do.
  2. As I wrote #2 on the title of this post, I realized that we are now only 2 weeks into January and really not that far. I hate January! Well, really, I hate winter. Though, I am quite certain I would rather endure winter for three months than big yucky, freaky bugs all year long.
  3. Ruth had lots more school work than usual this week. I think she is going through the end of the term rush with tons to do and turn in. Ruth and Kate went alone with a friend and no adult to the mall for the first time in their lives. I thought they were going to City Creek Mall, just a few minutes from our home, but it turns out they went to Layton Mall, a good 25 minutes from our home. I felt dumb, not asking which mall they were going to. I have a lot to learn about letting my children go and go safely. Fortunately, they have phones and were texting me (for money :)) while at the mall.
  4. A British man living in the United States visited Kate's geography class so students could ask him questions about Britain. Kate asked him "Now that you live in America, are you going to celebrate the fourth of July?" She is such a nut!The second term ended for Kate on Thursday and she had Friday off. She is now half way through the 9th grade. This has been a tough year for Kate. I know she is relieved to make it with excellent grades to the half way point. The same night Kate went to the mall, I was going to a political gathering to learn about a bill in the legislature. Kate was planning on going with me when her friend offered to take her and Ruth to the mall. Kate said she had a political thing to do. I told her not to worry and to go to the mall. Her friend said, "You can do politics when you are 100. But you are only a teenager for a short time." It wasn't hard for Kate to decide. I am sure she was planning on the political event so I wouldn't be alone.
  5. Johnny played games with John all week long. I haven't looked at his final grades, but I hope they are good. He goofed off way too much this term. He better get more serious. He had straight A's first term, and then he thought it was too easy and got lazy-- BOYS!
  6. We finally found a book that Adam enjoys. He has been reading Franny K. Stein this week, and instead of asking every 3 minutes when is reading time is over, he's gone a little over time. I hope he learns to love reading soon. Kate didn't love it, until 7th grade, so I still have hope for Adam who is only in the 3rd grade.
  7. I love that Rachel always comes and tells me about her school day! I love when my kids seek me out, hang out with me while I cook and clean, and just talk to me. Rachel's so good at that. I love the companionship that I have with little Rachel.
  8. Anya had her birthday on Thursday!!! She is now a darling 6 year old. And she is my most independent 6 year old yet! Anya can pretty much do anything for herself! She is smart, well behaved and a good friend. We sure love having Anya in our family! She had a fun little family party on her birthday and she is planning a little tea party birthday party for a few of her friends this coming Saturday!
  9. Joseph is learning his alphabet and numbers so quickly. Academically Joseph is very ready to start kindergarten. He can concentrate for a long time when he is drawing and building. I think as long as he finds school challenging enough, he will behave himself at school. Joseph's a smart little guy. 
  10. Josh has continued to potty train this week. He is sort of getting it. At least, he has no accidents as long as I take him to the bathroom enough. He has only once told me when he needs to go, though. I think it will be a bit longer before I can truly say he gets it. For now, things really aren't too bad. He is ready to learn, and I am ready to endure.
  11. Arwen is still our little cutey. We all just adore her. She has discovered toys and just loves to play all day long. 
  12. I started feeling baby # 10 moving around this week. That is the part of  pregnancy I love and want to remember. This baby seems to start moving around when I relax in bed at night. I have been staying up a little later to enjoy those little movements. Baby # 10 is 17 weeks along now. 
This Week's Pictures
Joshy LOVES his trains

Anya trying to pose.

The first 1000 piece puzzle to be finished in our home

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LeAnn said...

I do hope your dear hubby get's better quick. Men do handle illness in a different way that most women. I enjoyed your update on the kids and the pictures. You have such a lovely family. 10 is a lot; but you two seem to handle things well. You have been through some tough times and come out good. I can tell your faith is strong.
Blessings, prayers and hugs!