Saturday, March 21, 2015

Anya Spells

In our school, they learn to read and spell through phonics. I love the program because my kids have picked up reading so fast and so easily. But sometimes the spelling turns out a little funny.

Anya spelled totally: toadallea

Friday, March 20, 2015

John's Conversation with Joseph

John was walking out to get the mail at night with Joseph. Here's their conversation according to John's memory:
Joseph: Dad look at the stars.
John: Yes, they look pretty
Joseph: (something or other and then) Shooting stars aren't that good.
John: Shooting stars aren't really stars t
Joseph: I tried making a wish when I saw a shooting star, but it didn't come true, so that isn't real.
John: What did you wish for?
Joseph: For the sky to rain money, and for it to be infinity dollars.
John: What?
Joseph: For the sky to rain money, and for it to be infinity dollars.
Joseph: I tried the white flower with the stuff on top and you blow it, because Anya said that that works, but my wish didn't work.
John: You mean Dandelions.
Joseph: Yes.
John: What did you wish for.
Joseph: The same thing.

Rachel in the Mornings

Rachel wakes up grumpy except Saturdays and vacation days. She doesn't just start the day off with the silent moodiness, she starts the day off yelling, screaming, and fighting everyone.

Sooooo, I finally said that she would not be staying up late anymore. You see, I let the older kids stay up quite late while we read books, chat, and snack. The littlest kids envy this. Rachel finds it pretty important, but I have to do something. Hopefully, she will clue in and learn to calm down in the mornings.

I could home school her to get her out of early mornings, but Rachel is popular and adores her friends. I can't imagine removing her from school so she doesn't have to get up early would help anything.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This Week at Our House # 12

  1. John has been sick a lot. I really want him to lose weight and exercise more. I think that will make a big difference for him. Work is still going well, though.
  2. I have been at musical practice a lot. Adam and Rachel really like to have me there. Though it makes life much, much busier. The first show is tomorrow night.
  3. Ruth had a great weekend hanging out with her friends. She and Kate went to a stake dance in Bountiful and had a lot of fun. A lot of guys asked Ruth to dance and for the first time, Ruth gave a guy her phone number.
  4. Kate had the same fun weekend as Ruth. I think she enjoyed the dance, but not as much as Ruth did. Kate got sick at school just as I dropped her off, but I had already driven off. So she had to wait a long time to get in touch with me and to be picked back up. 
  5. Johnny has still been busy with school work. I am so happy that he has taken the initiative and has done all of his own work. The end of term is in just over a week and it looks like Johnny has his first 4.0. He has always had a 3.96 or 3.90, so his grades are excellent, but I think he is really starting to care.
  6. Adam cannot wait for the musical to be over. But he still says that he wants to do it again. Adam actually got all of his reading for his book report finished on time, but he forgot to write the report. So he wrote it in the morning and as he had time throughout the school day and handed it in by the end of the day.
  7. Rachel's doing very well in school. She has tons of friends and tons of stories about her friends. She is adorable in the musical because she is so much smaller than the next smallest kid.
  8. Anya is still faking stomach aches. She came to me the other day and said, "I know you won't believe me, but my stomach really hurts." I told her no way and to do her chores and later she forgot all about it and ate dinner and dessert.
  9. John got mad that Joseph has homework as a kindergarten student so he ripped it up and told Joseph to tell his teacher he's not allowed to have homework. Well, I think John had the opposite affect on Joseph. Joseph is trying really hard to get all of his homework done while at school and during the car ride home.
  10. Joshua's been doing a lot better about not peeing his pants. He likes to sit on John's shoulders, but John always has him check to see if he wet his pants even a little first. Maybe someday Josh will actually get his promised train ride.
  11. I have been potty training Arwen. She is starting to pee when I put her on the toilet. She really hates it when she wets her pants but until 2 days ago did not know what to do. Hopefully, she'll be better than Joseph.
  12. Suzy loves to be held and cuddled all day long. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I need a break.
This Week's Pictures

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Week at House # 11

I can't believe I missed a week. I will just sum things up quickly and get on to last week.

We've been kind of recovering from the time change. Kind of because we are really enjoying the later nights as well as the little ones sleeping in a little later. I had to wake Joseph up every single morning. On Wednesday, he goes to school between 10:30 and 1:00. I woke him up at 10 and said that he really slept in. Joseph told me that he was not just sleep, but that he was making up a dream. Ruth and Kate have been working hard at school. Johnny has 4 big projects and he has been doing just a little bit everyday.

On the Monday over a week ago, I sat in the car line in front of a car with a sticker that had the sillouette of 2 seductively posed women in a sexual stance with each other. Joseph was sitting right there and I fretted about whether or not I should tell him to look away. I said nothing, but decided to do a family home evening lesson on pornography and what to do when you see it. Apparently Johnny had run into an add with nearly naked women while doing research for his class for the first time in his life. I felt blessed to have thought about doing that lesson that night.

We asked each of the boys what they needed to do if they saw a naked or immodest girl. Johnny, Adam, and Joseph immediately said to look away, turn off the computer, and tell mom and dad. Joshua said kill them.

I drove down to Orem to use my sister in law's sewing machine to get Adam and Rachel's costumes made for their musical. They have been having a lot more practice time, and I have been there volunteering most days. That has left the kids home without me lot and Anya and Joseph's homework more or less undone.

Suzy and Arwen are doing well. Josh, Suzy, and Arwen take turns being extra cuddly with me every morning.

All in all life has just been speeding by and everything has been fine.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Week at Our House # 10

  1. If I act at all worried about his job, John makes me sit next to him while he explains in detail exactly what he has accomplished, the problems he is having, what he is doing to solve them, and what he has left to do. I think it must be a punishment. But he's doing well and progressing on schedule.
  2. I am hanging in there. I am feeling a little impatience about getting the repairs and things done in the house. And of course, we are getting to the point where everyone is tired of school and homework while big projects pile in.
  3. Ruth took the ACT on Tuesday. She had a practice on Saturday that she did well on. We'll get her score in 3 to 4 weeks. But I cannot put the score on my blog without her permission. Her 17th birthday is this month. Time has flown!! Ruth will be voting in the next presidential election. 
  4. Kate had Tuesday off from school. The littlest kids have been feverish, while the rest of the kids have had a cough and cold. So Kate spent her day off lying on the couch watching movies with Josh and Arwen. I spent that day driving every one to and from school.
  5. Johnny has big projects coming at him from all sides. Though, unlike last year, he is keeping up with his deadlines and doing all of his homework without any nagging from me.
  6. I had parent/teacher conference this week and as usual, Adam got a glowing report. He's a perfect student, and a good friend. 
  7. Rachel is almost to level with reading and while she finds math quite challenging, she is doing well. Currently, she is learning long division. Rachel has no behavior issues and has lots and lots of friends. I volunteer with the musical sometimes, and get to see Rachel interact with her friends. 
  8. Anya gets glowing reviews for her academics. She is well ahead for her grade and she tests well ahead too. But she does get a little too chatty. He class is doing a little opera they wrote, and Anya has a big part and is loving it. I did not know about it, though, until her teacher told me.
  9. I asked John what he thought the two most non-surprising things Joseph's teacher would say about him. He guessed them without hesitation. Joseph has trouble staying in his seat and getting into the teachers things. We are NOT surprised. He has been rummaging through everyone's rooms and stealing money and hiding it in odd places and then forgetting where he put it. That boy needs the woods explore!!!! On a side not, Joseph grabbed a jalapeno from a jar on the counter thinking it was a pickle. He took a bite and distressingly said,"There is something wrong with these pickles!"
  10. I gave Josh a children's benadryl melt away pill. He licked it three times and said, "This belongs in the trash, Mom". 
  11. Arwen's been sick with a fever and cold. She's had a rough winter with illness, 
  12. Suzy had a very high fever this week and has wanted nothing but lots and lots of cuddles. Her fever has finally dropped.
This Week's Pictures

It's happened! This will be the end of little girl smiles for Anya. Soon she will have her big front teeth.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week at Our House #8

  1. John's job continues to go well. And since he is working from home, he still has plenty of time with the family.
  2. I thought after I quit work I'd get a lot more done. If more sleep counts, then I'm doing well. 
  3. Ruth's so stressed about the upcoming ACT. We looked at a website that helps you determine if you have a good chance of getting into certain colleges. I think that made her more nervous, even though it looks like she should get into her first choice. And wow, I cannot believe I am getting to this point with my own children. It seems like this was me not that long ago. 
  4. Kate's very happy that she does not have to worry about the ACT for another year. 
  5. We are trying to figure out what to do for Johnny for school next year. We might send him away with Ruth and Kate or we might have him go to school for chemistry, orchestra, and seminary and do the rest at home. He'll be 14 just as he begins the 10th grade, so I am feeling a little nervous sending him to big high school. Legacy Prep has been wonderful. I wish they were still going to the 12th grade.
  6. Adam's done a great job on some big projects he's had for school. He's basically completed them alone and they turned out well and even comparable to the kids whose projects were mostly done by parents.
  7. Rachel's going through something. She has been yelling and screaming and on edge. I've finally gotten her calmed down long enough to have a solid conversation on self control and choices. Hopefully, she'll really calm down and try and make some good decisions on how to behave.
  8. Anya's doing better at not lying since we made it a policy to not believe anything she tells us. It seems that she is starting to internalize "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
  9. Joseph has been climbing on everything. He particularly seems to like sitting on top of the toy shelf. He's been playing outside again more. The winter and Joseph and I have never been good friends. Joseph needs to move around and explore.
  10. Josh has been pretty awful about primary, so I've started doing a practice primary lesson every morning with Joseph, Josh, and Arwen. I'll see if it helps him with church, but I know it is good for his soul to be getting a more personal gospel instruction each and every day. We spend a lot of family time reading and talking about the scriptures and relating them to our lives and current events, but I think the little ones can get left by the wayside because it is just not interesting for them yet.
  11. Arwen's hair is finally growing in and looking nice and that just makes me so happy. 
  12. Suzy climbs up and down the stairs. She's such a cute and curious little girl. We all just adore her.