Thursday, November 26, 2015

This Week at Our House # 46

  1. Late again this week. John had a promising job interview on Tuesday with the promise of a second interview. We are praying hard for this one.
  2. I felt a little better last week since John had a job interview. It is nice to have some hope.
  3. Ruth and Kate spent Friday evening at a friend's house and then went to a stake dance on Saturday. Socially, I think they are doing well here. 
  4. Kate has made a pretty good friend here. She is the ward, goes to seminary, and school with Kate and they eat lunch together. 
  5. Johnny had his first ever youth dance, and since he has 2 older sisters, he was really good about asking girls to dance. He was also asked by girls to dance a time or two. 
  6. Adam has really enjoyed going fishing even though he has not caught anything yet. There are many lakes and ponds and rivers here, so that makes fishing an easy past time.
  7. Rachel lets me know how much she misses Utah pretty much everyday. 
  8. Anya seems to be doing fine. She is praying for a house before Christmas. I don't know how we could possibly do Christmas here, we really have no room for stuff beyond clothes and even then, saying we have room for our clothes, is a bit of a stretch.
  9. Joseph has been reading really well. He has completed 2 chapter books and is onto a third. Every now and then I wonder how his reading is going, so I make him read to me, and I am always astonished that he knows the words that he knows. 
  10. Joshua does so much better in life when he is not allowed on the computer, and he is finally writing his name. 
  11. Arwen loves me to sit down with her and teach her the alphabet. It's cute.
  12. Suzy loves her grandparents and my sister's dog. I think she has adjusted the best of all of us. 
This Week's Picture (guess I need to pull the camera out more)

Friday, November 20, 2015

This Week At Our House #45

  1. I am a little late, well, like 5 days. John got 3 job rejections last week including the one he interviewed for the Church just after we moved. We weren't terribly surprised given how sure we felt about moving in order to find a job. 
  2. I have felt like I need to not murmur so much. It helps me when I am not focusing on the negative aspects of everything. But, oh, oh, oh am I praying harder than I ever have before.
  3. Ruth is making friends fairly easily here. She is very unhappy with the school and the state of North Carolina because all of the graduation requirements are so different and so she has to take a bunch of freshmen classes in order to graduate.
  4. Kate is having about the same experience as Ruth. Church is good. I think making friends has been fairly easy, but she feels like the school is dumbed down and more like a prison than a high school and she is unhappy with having to take additional graduation requirements while having the ones she already took only count as electives.
  5. Johnny definitely feels the same about the school. He is having a hard time getting enough sleep here and has a hard time getting up and going in time for early morning seminary.
  6. Adam is doing fine in school, but misses Legacy Prep. He does however, have more recess and running time which he says is a positive.
  7. Rachel was below in reading at Legacy Prep but ahead in reading here, so that helps her feel pretty good. She, like all of us, misses Utah and her old school. 
  8. Anya has found it easier to make friends here and is doing well with the school.
  9. Joseph likes school here. He doesn't say that he misses anything. I think he is doing fairly well on the whole.
  10. Josh likes having aunts and grandparents around. 
  11. Arwen is doing ok. She spends most of her time with me.
  12. Suzy is getting into everything in my parent's house and always trying to hang out with my parents and sisters. She is curious and friendly, and I think she has finally gotten used to sleeping in a room with other people which is good for her.
This Week's Pictures
There is a beautiful park here that we love. It's wooden with lakes and walking trails and fun playgrounds.