Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Week at Our House # 38

  1. We had lots of awesome friends take John's resume and he had one phone interview on Friday. I am feeling more hopeful. John has been faithful, stalwart, and free of doubt this whole journey. I am the one who waffles between faith and fear. It is good to have such a rock solid spouse.
  2. I have been thinking and reflecting a lot about our time in Utah. John and I expect that we will have to move, and I have been questioning the inspiration we had to move here in the first place. But I have grown more in Utah then in any other place we have ever lived. In many ways I feel like I have found myself here. I will have to blog the details about this in it's own post. But it does give me peace that we were not deceived and we went where we knew we should go.
  3. Ruth is busy, busy, busy. I miss having her around more. She just has so much homework! She did go to a football game with friends. But she did not get asked to homecoming which I thought was sad. But she seemed fine. Maybe next year...
  4. Kate is busy, busy, busy too with lots of homework. Ruth and Kate are tired. High school is a lot of work and then they come home, have lots of homework and help around the house. Kate went to the football game and thought it was just boring. She said she will not go again.
  5. My dear Johnny turned 13 today!!! I now have 3 teens, and I won't have another one for 3 more years. Johnny had his usual week with school. He is doing well at keeping up on his school work, which is a nice change from last year.
  6. Adam had his final soccer game and his first week of musical practice. I think he is actually happy that soccer is over.
  7. Rachel came out of her room about a half hour after I put her to bed and said, "I tried and I cannot sleep." I told her to go back and try again. Rachel replied, "My dreams are too boring." Hmmm... nice try...I still sent her back to bed. She LOVED her first week of musical practice. I got to watch the last 5 minutes and Rachel seemed happier than I have ever seen her. She is in little Rachel heaven.
  8. Anya needs more sleep. She is just so weepy. I put her to bed and she just stays awake for a long time. I think she would be so much happier if she just got more rest.
  9. Joseph has been spending a lot of his free time writing his letters. I just think that is cute!
  10. I think Josh is finally starting to actually potty train. Instead of just wetting his pants he does a potty dance until I tell him to go to the bathroom and he has told me that he needs to go to the bathroom at least 3 times this past week. I'm just hoping, though. He has sure taught me not to expect a good week to mean he's got it.
  11. Yesterday John called Arwen over to him and she said, "Nope John," instead of "dad". Another time she said "Thank you, John." It's pretty funny to hear your 2 year old call her father by his first name.
  12. Susan is 3 months now!!! I left her on the couch Monday morning and she rolled right over. Since then she has rolled from her back to her stomach each time I laid her down. She is strong and she is growing. 
This Week's Pictures
Josh said he made a sandwich good. It is bread with chocolate chips and a ripped up tortilla in between.

I Have 3 Teens

I am now the parent of three teens-- 1 boy and 2 girls!! Johnny turned 13 today! He is such a good, good boy. I know I do not deserve him. A little more than 13 years ago when I was pregnant with Johnny the Spirit whispered to me that I was going to be given a child that is valiant and righteous and better than me and better than my husband. I had Johnny and he has lived up to being a valiant child every day of his life.

Johnny just turned 13 and has almost finished the entire standard works. He has just a little bit of the Old Testament left, and I know that he has read the Book of Mormon through at least twice. But that is not all, he tries really hard to be good and to have self control. As a baby and a toddler, Johnny never had a screaming fit-- not one.

In school Johnny is nice and good. All of his teachers tell me that if there was such a thing as a perfect student, it would be Johnny. And that is with him being two grades ahead.

Johnny has always been very obedient to John and I. He does all of the work I tell him to do and he usually does it quickly and accurately. Johnny is nice and kind to his younger brothers and sisters. In fact, he is an incredible example and all of his brothers adore him and look up to him.

When kids at school or at church make fun of Johnny for being a nerd or a goody-goody, he just agrees with them and then happily tries to be a friend.

We are all very, very blessed to have this amazing Child of God as a part of our family.

Happy Birthday, Johnny! I look forward to seeing you grow and develop through your teen years.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week at Our House # 37

  1. On Friday I asked for help with job contacts from my Facebook friends and I received a lot of replies and a lot of personal messages. Several people have taken John's resume and are seeing what they can do to help us. 
  2. I decided that September would be a no dessert month for me. Mostly it has been pretty easy. I have been eating apples when I would rather have cookies and that is the habit I need to form. But some nights after the kids have been noisy and messy and fighting a lot, I really, really, really want a lot of chocolate.
  3. Ruth had 3 big tests and 3 quizzes, a youth temple trip, and a late Wednesday night activity. She spent a whole lot of time on school, homework, and church activities and what sleep she could squeeze in between. Oh the life of a teenager.
  4. I could say ditto Ruth for Kate's week. She had a total of 7 tests or quizzes. She even had a whole bunch of homework over the weekend. I know Kate was hoping for an easy year, but she took some pretty hard classes. However, Legacy Prep gets another thumbs up because the 2 10th graders taking AP Cal are both from Legacy and both ahead of all the 11th and 12th graders who took pre-cal at Bountiful High.
  5. Johnny and Adam wrestle all the time. They are always just bashing on each other. Johnny's grades are looking pretty good so far and he has not had the loads of homework like Ruth and Kate which gives him more time to wrestle Adam-- boys!
  6. Adam's back in soccer for the fall. I paid for two seasons before John lost his job, so I am glad that he has this. John said he played his best game yet on Tuesday. Adam has one game on Tuesday and one more on Saturday and then he is done for the season. His school musical practices start Thursday after school. Adam is a busy man this year.
  7. Rachel goes on short runs with John and she is pretty good at it. She is doing well in school. She likes Legacy Prep better than her old school, and she seems to be making friends. There is a lot less bullying at Legacy Prep and while the classes have like 30 kids, there are two teachers in every classroom. Rachel really likes that.
  8. Anya is my awesome little reader. She reads well on her own. She picks up all sorts of books and just reads. I love watching my kids find different things that they just love to do.
  9. On Thursday, I told Joseph that we would be pulling out the couches, cleaning out from under them, and then sweeping and washing the floors. Joseph then started to sing "Everything is awe... not awesome." He then turned to me and very seriously said, "Mom, did you know that everything is not awesome or cool?"
  10. Josh is driving me crazy. I am not a good mom with toddlers. I love, love, love the babies, I have fun with the younger kids and middle kids. I adore my teens, but I could do without the toddler years. At least if my teens argue with me it makes sense. Josh spent 3 hours on Friday screaming at the top of his lungs because he wanted the blue sippy cup (which happened to be in the dish washer). So instead of giving in, I told him he is not allowed to have a sippy cup until he turns 25. So far, I have stuck to that promise. 
  11. Arwen was much less of a hassle this week. She stilled colored on the walls, dumped out cereal, and stuck a bowl of brownie batter on her head, but at least those things don't have the potential to kill her.
  12. Susan is growing, happy, and smiling. She smiles and coos at us all of the time. She is also looking more and more like Kate did. It's funny, Arwen reminds John and I a lot of what Ruth was like as a baby and Susan reminds us a lot of Kate. It's like having Ruth and Kate as babies all over again.
This Week's Pictures
I took a bunch of group pictures of the kidson Temple Square, but they weren't very cooperative.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Week at Our House # 36

  1. Again the job front is not looking that great. I've heard that there are so many jobs out there, but we are not even getting interviews and the few that we've had were very competitive. My friends husband just got a job after being unemployed for a year, but he is making less than half of what he did before. I also have another friend whose husband lost his job this week and they will be moving to UT to live with family as a result. I wish I had better news. John and I have been attending the temple together again and that has brought back the peace I had been lacking over the last couple of months.
  2. It was a bit of a rough week with my little toddlers and their antics. Just when I think I am learning patience, I am afforded another opportunity to increase it. Otherwise, things went pretty well this week. I got 4 hours of volunteer service in at the school, and I actually have my visiting teaching appointments made earlier in the month. Susan is sleeping well, so I am not needing as many naps and exercising is getting easier, though not funner.
  3. Junior year is in full swing for Ruth. She has two big tests in her two hardest classes to look forward to this week. She was going to skip a hike with the young women in order to study, but went when she heard there was a non-member girl attending that wanted to meet some girls her age. 
  4. Kate has at least two big tests too. She is surviving having to wake up early and is once again swamped with homework. Since Ruth and Kate have the same math class, they can help each other with the homework which is great. 
  5. Johnny has been pretty quiet lately. I think he is tired from going to bed early and waking up late. He is keeping up with his school work, which is a nice improvement from last year. He has also been getting himself out of bed and right into the shower every morning.
  6. Adam tried out for the school musical and made it in. He will have 2 solo parts. He did a great job during his audition, and even though he has really never sung in front of people before he worked hard on his audition piece and sang well, Adam also had scouts and two soccer games so he was pretty busy.
  7. Rachel auditioned for the school musical too. The teacher told her that she had an awesome audition and sings very well. Rachel will have one solo part. She is a little disappointed that she did not get a speaking role, but honestly she was lucky to even make it in. More than 100 kids auditioned and there was only room for about 50. I am proud of my little song bird.
  8. Anya seems to be liking first grade and is reading very, very well. I love Legacy Prep.
  9. Joseph completed his second week of kindergarten. He may be giving his teacher a bit of a run for her money because he has come home twice with unfinished school work that he is required to do at home. But he is progressing well and learning his sounds and words without too much struggle. I worry a bit about him being so young in kindergarten. He also dunked our camera under water "to clean it". Fortunately, the camera survived.
  10. Josh has been a little stinker breaking pens and spreading ink. I am still having him walk with me to pick the kids up from school. I think it has been a good time with mom and good lessons in obedience.
  11. Arwen has turned into toddler mayhem. This week she 1) put all of the dirty laundry (full hamper) into her full bath tub when I stepped out for a minute (That was nasty) 2)  went into the kitchen, climbed up into the highest cupboard, got a bottle of allergy medicine and starting eating it. The crazy thing is there were 4 older kids in there with her and they didn't even notice. 3) got into the fridge and dumped out a bunch of the groceries I just bought onto the dirty floor 4)  undressed, undiapered, climbed into our deep bathtub, plugged it in and turned it on 5) took off her own poopy diaper and we still have not found it 6) bit Adam's bum through his clothing and almost drew blood 7) snuck into Kate's room and ate all of her chocolate 8) with Josh, threw crayons across the floor 9) dumped my journal in the bath tub 10) drew on the wall in several places, and 11) plugged the downstairs bathroom sink with pencils.
  12. Susan is doing well. I adore the age she is at with all of her cooing and smiles. I love that she likes to cuddle me. Little babies are just so sweet.
This Week's Pictures
apparently these these ugly, freaky, lobster-like crawfish were introduced into our neighborhood and are flourishing