Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MAGIC & MIRACLE in the MESS: Finding the Good During Unemployment

Last Week:

1) Christmas for my children has been provided for by 6 of my friends who got together and pooled their money. I am keeping it a secret from the little kids. Thank you, dear friends. You know who you are.
2) Still getting job interviews. One "no" coming from a job that we knew was wrong after the second interview.
3) I'm finally really learning to pray.
4) I may be able to get a seasonal job at Target with odd enough hours that it won't be a big problem for the baby.

The Week Before:

1) 2 interviews, both went well
2) 2 upcoming interviews and asked to complete step I for a 3rd.
3) Quiet week and happy kids

Everything Breaking

It seems like an inordinate number of household items have been broken since John lost his job, as well as a couple big items just wearing out.

Broken by Human Negligence:
  • Lawn Mower (broken by an adult).
  • Kitchen Aid mixer (that belonged to my grandmother) still functions, but is painful to use. (knocked off counter by a young human who does not know his strength.)
  • Big Beautiful Glass Mixing Bowl that was a given to us as a wedding present, shattered in the sink when stacked sloppily on top of too many dishes to dry. Also by a young human.
  • My bigger than 9 X 13 pyrex casserole dish that I etched our names in shattered on the floor when a small human walked across our island counter top. 
  • Pretty much all of our mugs and any glass cups we had. Mostly broken by young humans.
  • The Blinds in the living room, which those small humans have been working on destroying slowly over time can hardly be considered blinds anymore.
  • The glass on the fireplace. grrrrr (will be replacing)
  • My snow globe.
Broken from Wear and Tare
  • The brakes and ball joints on the van. (replaced)
  • The fuel pump on the minivan (so we sold it).
  • Several Towels
  • My washing Machine is slowly giving up. I can only wash about a half a loud of laundry in it right now.
  • The Large Flat Grill that I cook pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches and all sorts of things on now only has 2 legs.
  • My stainless steal frying pan.
  • My medium-sized stainless steal pot.
  • My large skillet is starting to drop teflon in our food, but I use it almost every day still.
  • 2 toilet seats wearing out. (replaced 1)
  • Hair clippers (replaced)
  • The heating unit in the dryer (replaced)
  • The flash on the camera
I am sure there are more. But there it is. I have no idea how we are going to afford to replace so many items when we can. I think this is supposed to make me more grateful when something breaks and we have some means to replace it, right?

Monday, November 24, 2014

This Week at Our House #47

  1. He had 2 big interviews on Friday. One was terrible and they did not give him the job, though the interviewer was so antagonistic, we had already decided that it would have been a bad idea to move our family all the way across the country for. The other one was a test that he completed early and did well, but we have not heard back. He has at least one more interview this week.
  2. I have been called in a for an interview for an unloading the trucks and stocking the shelves at 4am at Target interview. I have that tomorrow and absolutely plan to take the job. John will have to drive me in and pick me up so that he can take the kids to school. But, we are out of unemployment and must do everything we can.
  3. Ruth is working on self-confidence as well as not criticizing herself and other people. She has been feeling happier since we had the talk on how to help those things. She is making an effort to give at least one person a genuine complement each day that she attends school.
  4. Kate has been wrestling with the little kids a bunch. It's cute. She is a very fun, big sister.
  5. Johnny's just been his usual good self. He hardly has any homework, so I have him take care of more around the house and he hardly ever complains.
  6. Adam has just grown so much. I am amazed everytime I look at him. He is just bigger and stronger and even more handsome.
  7. Rachel and Anya seem to think that if I say that they can stay up late and I let everyone stay up late, then they actually didn't get to stay up. 
  8. While looking through our old photos, Anya came to me surprised and said, "You were skinny when I was born." Then she pointed to her waste and said, "Just like this. Isn't it funny?" 
  9. Joseph is reading very, very well. I am surprised. I probably shouldn't be because he had a couple of books that he had memorized last year and it always seems like the kids who memorize to read pick it up faster.  Anyway, it's nice to a one more child that reading is coming easy for. I don't expect that at all with Joshua.
  10. At tithing settlement after the Bishop finished bearing his testimony about tithing, he asked if we had any questions. Josh shouted out, "That's disgusting!!!" There was a moment of stunned silence before we all laughed. Then Joseph said, "Am I the only one who has a question?" The Bishop asked him what his question was and Joseph answered, "I don't know what my dad said, but I do know his name." Years ago, I may have been embarrassed.
  11. Arwen snuck out the front door and no one knew she was missing until we heard her screaming at the front door. That is just terrifying! I am so glad that she is safe. She has been quite the little two year old. The Lord is definitely looking after her.
  12. Suzy is so strong. She loves to just go off and play now. She is darling too. I'll hug her and then check to see how she is feeling and she always just has a big smile on her face. I am just so grateful for my youngest little kids. I could have so easily chosen not to have them. In some ways, I didn't even want them. I just never thought I would have 10 children. Once I started having children, I only ever thought about having 8 children. I am eternally grateful that I made the choice to be pregnant some more and get to be the mother of Arwen and Susan. They are blessings. I love them so much.
This Week's Pictures

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kate's Talk

Kate had to give a talk about family history in the adult session of Stake Conference last night. She was very nervous and very cute as she approached the pulpit. The first thing she said was, "okay, just breathe. I can do this." Then she gave this beautiful talk. The only thing I did to help her with this was to loan her my laptop. One hundred percent of this talk was written by a 15 year old girl.

"Hello my name is Kate Robertson from the Foxboro 5th ward. Tonight I will speak about Family History. Many people severely underestimate the importance of Family history. I believe this is because they do not understand the doctrine on the topic. D&C 128:18 says “It is sufficient to know, that in this case, the earth will be smitten with a curse unless there is a welding link of some kind or other between the fathers and the children on some subject or other- and behold what is that subject? It is the baptism for the dead.” Notice that this scripture says fathers and children, not the dead and living. It is specifically referring to families. Our work for our dead.
In D&C 128:8 it says, “whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” As we continue to bind our ancestors to us, we will feel their presence and know that through this work we, and all of our ancestors, shall be bond together forever. In verse 17 of D&C 128 Joseph Smith called family history “this most glorious of all subjects” Why would he say that? I believe it is because we are saving our family. We are given the opportunity and responsibility to make that welding link between us and our fathers. As we do their work we come to feel and know them. This work means much more to us, than we may think. This is our family we are learning about, growing closer to, sealing to us, and giving to chance to be saved.  The Brethren have told us that we as Latter Day Saints have a duty to fulfill Elijah’s prophesy by making that welding link. These are ties that bind. We are not just saving someone from the past, we are saving our Families and binding them to us for eternity.
 In D&C 128:15 Joseph Smith warned, “And now, brethren and sisters, let me assure you that these are principles in relation to the dead and the living that cannot be lightly passed over, as pertaining to our salvation. For their salvation is necessary to our salvation.”  We are the ones responsible to do the ordnances necessary for their salvation that they cannot due themselves. Millions of our ancestors are waiting for us to find them and preform these ordinances in the temple that will give them the opportunity to have salvation and be united with us eternally. D&C 128: 22 says, “Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage brethren; and on to victory! Let your heart rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the dead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the King Immanuel, who hath ordained, before the world was, that which would enable us to redeem them out of their prison; for the prisoners shall go free.”
We must set them free. God has enabled us and given us the responsibility to do so. I love the idea that God has provided us with the means to save our families as if they we’re prisoners that we can let free. What we shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and as stated in D&C 128: 8 “whatsoever you record in earth shall be recorded in heaven” ­­Every card we take to the temple and do work for is recorded, not just on earth, but in heaven. Every ancestor you find and bring to the temple, is being given the opportunity to receive those blessings in heaven.
I am so thankful for this work that God has given us to do. I love my family and love that I have been given the opportunity and responsibility to find my family and create that welding link with them by doing their work and feeling there spirit, and the spirit of gladness that surrounds this work. I hope you all can create that welding link with your ancestors as you do their work and in so doing grow to know and love them. As Joseph Smith said, “Let the Prisoners go free!” We are the ones to let them free and I pray that we may be guided in this work of saving our families. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Week at Our House # 46

  1. Two job interviews went very well, and he has 2 more interviews for 2 other companies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I have started applying a little more aggressively for jobs. I think it would be good if I could get a seasonal job at Target or someplace.
  3. Oh my dear Ruth had a pretty regular week. She is doing better in all of her classes. She has a PE class that she is particularly enjoying. She really likes to play sports. 
  4. Kate has made some good guy friends because she debates with them all. They say something she disagrees with and she very thoroughly tells them why they are wrong and voila, she has friends. Ruth would like a little bit of that magic. And boys are weird.
  5. Johnny wore his school clothes for 2 days and 2 nights until I just about blew up at him. Fortunately, he showers Sunday through Thursday. If he didn't do that, I don't think he would never take his clothes off.
  6. Adam's favorite spot in our house is the platform where the stairs turn. He is always laying there playing with his little lego creations. 
  7. Rachel is a grump in the mornings. Monday she is whiney. Tuesday she is very, very slow, Wednesday she fights with everyone about anything, Thursday she argues with me about everything, and every single day she refuses to wear a coat.
  8. Anya's best friend this year happens to be a boy named Taylor. She is not sure if he is her boyfriend or not.
  9. Joseph was asking me about Santa Claus, which isn't a good topic this year. I had to explain to him that Santa Claus actually doesn't come to kids whose dad does not have a job. Two days later Joseph asked me if this was true, when I told it was, he said, "that is stupid". So we had a family meeting about it and Rachel said, "does that mean you are going to tell me that Santa isn't real?" 
  10. Joshua LOVES They Might Be Giants. He is always asking me to play "partical man" and then he just dances across the living room for as long as the music is playing. He couldn't be cuter.
  11. Arwen loves this book, we own titled, 7 Silly Eaters. She points to all of the pictures and tells me what is happening, and she wants me to read it to her a couple of times everyday. Fortunately, I love that book too.
  12. Susan dear is just so strong. She can get across the living room now and she spends plenty of time playing on the floor.
The Flash on the Camera Broke, Pictures Will be Sparse this Winter
ready for an interview

homework time

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

My dear friend Christina took our family pictures for free...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

MAGIC & MIRACLE in the MESS: Finding the Good During Unemployment

MAGIC & MIRACLE in the MESS: Finding the Good During Unemployment
It's been an incredible week with a lot out pooring of love and kindness from many.
1) $100 and homemade cookies from our friend and ward member Kayleen. I know that is a sacrifice for them. Thank you.
2) $200 and a package of oreos showing up anonymously on our doorstep. Again, if you are reading this, thank you so much. It will help pay our mortgage and other bills.
3) $100 and crocheted hankerchief given at a huge sacrifice by my dear friend Katie. She crocheted baby hats and gave us the money for the sale. Again, this will help a lot in making our November mortgage payment and car payment.
4) 4 job interviews-- 2 from the same company. The place where he has interviewed twice is a big stable company where his math degree will be used and he already knows how to do a lot of the work. He is one of 4 or 5 candidates.
5)A TI 83 calculator for Johnny from my singles ward relief society presidentElisabeth.
6) Diapers from our sweet ward member and friend, Elisabeth.
7) My dear friend DeserĂ©t asking what she can do to help with Christmas.
8) All of the kind notes and comments just buoy me up.
Thank you everyone for your kindness and love. You are teaching me a lot.

MAGIC & MIRACLE in the MESS: Finding the Good During Unemployment
We have had lots of wonderful angels take care of us this week.
1) $400, wet wipes, and dish soap from John's brother and sister in law.Jeremy RobertsonRosanne Wilcox Robertson
2) $50 from one of my oldest friends, DeserĂ©t Baker, and I know that is a big sacrifice for her family.
3) $200 arriving in the mail from a good, kind friend.
4) over the counter drugs, dish towels and dish clothes, cleaning supplies, and shampoo from John's mom, Judy Robertson.
5) all the prayers. I know they are helping.
6) selling our broken minivan for $360
7) We had to get the brakes fixed on the van. Apparently the ball joints were busted too. We said to fix only the breaks because it would be $2,200. They decided to use cheaper parts and fixed everything for $1,450.