Sunday, May 3, 2015

This Week at Our House #18 Visiting my Parents

I left on Tuesday, just after the kids got home from school to visit my parents in their new home in North Carolina. I took my 3 youngest kids on a flight all by myself. Josh talked loudly the whole time, and Suzy kept trying to crawl away. The kids were a little couped and anxious, but we had no crying. We all survived!

My parents picked me up. When we got to their new home, Josh cried and said that he had wanted to go to his house. But all 3 kids have had so much fun since we've been here. Suzy has been such a sweetie and has loved everyone holding her and talking to her. She's such a friendly, happy little baby. Josh has had fun playing with Sadie, my sister Monika's daughter.

I have loved talking to my parents and hanging out and doing fun stuff with my sisters.We went to a movie together one night and stayed up late to watch a scary movie the next. Hopefully, we will be able to ditch the kids and take off for a swim before I leave early Tuesday.

The family at home seems to be doing fine. From what I hear from Ruth and Kate, they have been very, very busy trying to keep things in order. Ruth has her AP Chemistry exam on Monday, so she has been studying while doing all the dishes and such.

Joseph had a field trip, so John went with him. I think they both really enjoyed it. As far as I know, work is going very well for John. They are keeping him on the project until the end of the month.

I never knew how easy three little kids are. I thought it was hard and busy all those years ago when I only had 3 little kids. Life is so mellow and almost boring at my parent's house. I am used to being on my feet and going all day long. It's been a nice break, but I look forward to diving back into my life as a mom of many. I am glad that I have John and all 10 of my kids, and I am really glad to get some time in with my parents and sisters and niece and nephew. Life is good.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Week at Our House # 17

  1. John's job extended a bit for him to be the person to complete the web development portion of it. That's good. He had a job interview, but was not called back. I thought that was too bad for them, because John was a uniquely perfect fit for the job. He has two more phone interviews this week. 
  2. I had a busy, busy week. I did a lot of writing for Mormon Women Stand and I spent a lot of time trying to prepare for my trip to North Carolina to visit my parents. I have a lot more to do. But I am excited to go. I will be taking my 3 youngest kids. My dad has not seen Susan at all yet. I look forward to showing her off.
  3. Ruth's been busy preparing for AP exams. She dragged Kate to a school dance on Friday and they both had fun.
  4. Kate's been busy preparing for AP exams too. Kate got dragged to the school dance, but had a lot of fun.
  5. I finally got Johnny into the eye doctor. His prescription has doubled. He got his new glasses. He's excited to see and I think they look a lot better. And Johnny is officially my tallest kid. He's surpassed both Ruth and Kate.
  6. Adam had common core testing at school, which he thought was boring, but was really glad not to have homework because he spent his whole day taking a test.
  7. Rachel had the testing too. She said that it was really boring so she would just ask to go to the bathroom. 
  8. Anya had a pretty good week. I have been keeping an eye on her and how she interacts with other kids. I noticed that she plays for a little while, but then goes off and plays by herself. I think I know her problem and how to help.
  9. Joseph's doing great. He is writing me notes now. I love when my kids can write,
  10. Joshua had a normal week. He's looking forward for his first plane ride.
  11. Arwen has been talking more. On Friday, Arwen threw her granola bar wrapper on the floor. John told her to put it where  it belongs, meaning the trash, but Arwen just slid it back on her granola bar. 
  12. Suzy's been a bit fussy and eating a ton. I think she is growing. I am a little worried about having her on a plane. Hopefully all will go well.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

This Week at Our House # 16

  1. John's hurriedly trying to finish off the project he was hired for as his contract ends May 1st. He has a job interview on Monday for a promising position. I'll be praying and fasting for him.
  2. I kind of feel like it has been a sad week. Ruth was the only one of her friends that didn't get asked to the prom, and that was sad. And Rachel found Anya crying in her bed on Thursday night because she has no one to play with during recess at school. It's heart breaking to see this happen to your kids. They want to be asked out and to have good friends. Though I had similar problems and survived it quite well.
  3. Ruth didn't get asked to the prom, but she and I got our hair cut and styled together and then went out to lunch, and John bought her a manga book that she had been wanting. She still has senior year for prom. I am going to start praying for her now. She really wants to be asked and to get a fancy dress and all.
  4. Kate was a little sad when I didn't set up for her to go with Ruth and I until she realized that we had our hair styled. The last time I used a curling iron on Kate, she cried. 
  5. Johnny had a normal week with some homework. His biology teacher lost a big project he had turned in so he had to redo that, but really, Johnny has lots and lots of free time.
  6. Adam and I finished reading his book and then finished his book report. It was a 500 page (large words) book, but he really seemed to enjoy it. I think there is hope that Adam will enjoy reading someday.
  7. Rachel said that she had  little trouble making friends, but then she just started laughing and now she has lots of friends. That was supposed to comfort Anya. I am not sure it did, but I thought it was pretty cute.
  8. Anya had her opera. She's was ADORABLE!!!! It was so fun to watch her sing and dance in her little star fish costume. John recorded the whole thing.
  9. We had a funny weather week, with a very hot Monday, a big wind storm on Tuesday followed by snow in the evening, snow all day Wednesday, and a cold snow on the ground day Thursday, followed by a warm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Anyway, Joseph spent as much time as he could out in the weather. He loved the snow.
  10. Joshua got kicked out of primary for getting out of his seat and wrestling his teacher too much. I made him apologize and he was better after that. Darn that little boy. He has not ever been easy at church. Sacrament Meeting is getting a little easier, though.
  11. Arwen loved to be outside in the snow, cold, wind, and warmth too. John made a fire on Friday night in the fire bowl for the kids. The next day, they used the charred wood to draw pictures all over the back yard. Arwen loved that and has been so cute asking if she can go outside. she says, "Can I have outside, Mom?"
  12. Little Suzy is unloading everything from the book shelves to the trash cans. I would have been really upset with Ruth, but with Susan, I just move her away and clean it up. But, like Ruth, Susan sits and looks at the books that she unloads and that is just adorable.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Week at Our House # 15

  1. John and I finally got to the temple together last night. We used to go every week, but that's a lot harder know with so many kids and their needs. I love it when we do get there together.
  2. We had the best Easter I think we ever had. We had great spiritual lessons all week long. On Saturday night we had delicious lamb dinner and my usual lesson with props that the kids were just excited to explain what everything was about. Sunday morning we had an Easter egg hunt and then sent Ruth and Rachel off to the Conference Center while the rest of us enjoyed General Conference at home. After the first session, we all picked up Ruth and Rachel and went down to Gramma's house for the second Sunday session and a cook out dinner. It was great. We loved all of General Conference. I am so glad that we have it. Yet, life is so busy, and school started back up the very next morning. But we've made it through the first week of the last quarter of this school year. 7.5 more weeks to go.
  3. Ruth had a busy week and she is very worried about her Chemistry AP test that takes place the beginning of next month. She has been struggling and study a ton for that class this year. I hope she can pass the exam. Apparently only a little under 50% pass nation wide.Many of Ruth's friends have been asked to the prom. I hope she gets asked, but she does not think she will. She's pretty sad and even a little weepy about it.
  4. Kate got right back into school and routine. She is not at all worried about her upcoming AP calculus exam. 
  5. Johnny finished off his last two big research papers. I edited for him. He doesn't like me doing so because he is embarrassed about anything he writes. But he really does a good job and the main thing I had to help him on was shortening his sentence by using more active verbs. It's weird to think that 3 years ago, he would have a break down if I asked him to write 3 sentences, and now he writes a 7 page paper and has to bring it down to 5 pages.
  6. Adam is reading a 500 page book for his book report due in a week. I am helping him by reading to him as I have the time. He's really enjoying the story, and that's what counts. I am still hoping that someday Adam will love to read.
  7. Rachel had her girl's night out with her sisters and cousins and for her birthday party. She had a lot of fun.
  8. Anya is not very good at getting ready for school in the morning. I will be going to visit my parents in North Carolina in a couple more weeks, and I am not sure how well she will do. I have to tell her everything a couple of times.
  9. Joseph managed back to school just fine. His teacher moved, so he has a new teacher but he does not seem to care.
  10. Josh had a pretty good week, and seemed very happy to have me up early in the mornings and back on routine.
  11. I kind of think Arwen should be talking more. I am considering getting tested. She speaks in full sentences but will sometimes go a full day without saying much.
  12. Suzy's just at that delightful baby stage. She's cuddly and cute and smiley and fun and sleeps all night. I love this age.
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Johnny's Lego Castle he designed and built