Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Week at Our House #21

  1. John is doing the web development part for the company he has been working for this year and he really hates javascript and HTML. Like. a. lot.
  2. We're getting there... one and a half weeks left of school and only 7 actual school days. Many of the projects and a lot of the performances are done.
  3. Ruth had a good week. She's trying to see the positive in herself and her life. She feels like she is finally making some good friends. And she has an A in ap chemistry. Oh and I got to take Ruth and Kate jean shopping and out to dinner. It was so fun. We witnessed a car accident too.
  4. Kate's funny and so sarcastic. John and I were wondering who would fill that humor spot in our home when she moves out. We agreed that it would probably be Joseph. When we went out to dinner Kate had a hamburger that she just cannot forget. She feels like she must have more and has reminded me about that everyday.
  5. Johnny had his final orchestra concert. It wasn't our favorite because he played the same song that he still had memorized from last year's final orchestra performance.
  6. Adam's tall or at least tall-ish. I went to another one of his performance and he is one of the taller 4th graders. That's big for our family since most of the other kids are either the shortest or close to the shortest kids. Adam is on living room duty, which is the hardest chore, because he can be so physical with his siblings. I am also making him repeat to me about 5 times a day why he is being punished.
  7. Rachel argued and fought all last week.We're working on it and working and working and working. But she has so much that is good. She keeps buying candy and sharing with everyone.
  8. Anya likes to do secret service. She leaves notes and pictures and money or candy or food up on everyone's beds. 
  9. Joseph is reading really, really well. His primary teacher was very proud of him because he read a scripture easily without any help and was reverent the whole time.
  10. Josh spent the last week drawing pictures of robots. He would disappear for hours at a time and then come out with a large stack of paper full of his robots, each with a name. Some of the names were funny like, vacuum robot 6, or the destroyer.
  11. Arwen brought a couple of swords to Ruth, out one in her hand and wanted to sword fight.
  12. Suzy gets into the garbage all the time and looks for something to eat. It's a disgusting mess. She's 11 months now, which makes me sad. They grow too quickly.
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Week at Our House # 20

  1. John is plugging along and about to get to the part where his job is really hard. His final deadline is at the end of this month and he still has a lot to do. He was originally hired to write a prototype that accurately measures things from photos taken from airplanes and satellites. He finished that, and then they asked him to stay on and get the prototype up and working on the internet with thousands of photos. He said yes, but he has never done front end web development before now. He's learning as he goes. 
  2. I had a busy, tiring week. I am definitely counting down to summer vacation. Two and a half more weeks to go.
  3. Ruth had pms. Every month for a week she thinks everything in her life is horrible and that she is a miserable failure, everyone hates her, and that she is fat, ugly, and stupid. I am always relieved when that week is over.
  4. Kate and Ruth read what I write on my blog every week. Kate said it was not fair that I said all of these wonderful things about Ruth,but just said, she is smart. So Kate's turn. Kate is a hard worker. She had a hard time learning to read and as a result, she learned that she can work hard and still do really well. Kate is oh, so, so good. She knows the scriptures very well.  In Kate's seminary class, each student has to take a turn standing in front of the class, and the kids that want to can raise their hands and say something nice about that classmate. When it was Kate's turn to stand in front of the class, instead of saying how she makes the class better like he has for every other student. He simply said, "It is obvious that you read your scriptures everyday." Well, that may not have made Kate feel all flowery good and loved, but it did make her parents proud. Kate knows that scriptures. I think of this quote from the Ezra Taft Benson manual that says, "The honest seeker after truth can gain the testimony that Jesus is the Christ as he prayerfully ponders the inspired words of the Book of Mormon." And that is Kate. She is an honest seeker of truth, and she has a very firm testimony. Additionally Kate is good. In her seminary class, she raises her hand to say something nice about all of the quiet kids in her class when everyone else doesn't. Oh and Kate and Ruth are on the same pms schedule. For Kate her whole life isn't awful, but people definitely irritate her.
  5. Johnny's such a good boy. I ask him to do a lot and he just does it without complaint.
  6. Adam had his end of the year art and music program. John and I snuck into his class when he did not know and we saw him flirting terribly with a girl. Whenever the teacher was not looking, he would tell her to punch him in the stomach. She would and Adam would proudly act as if it did not hurt him. That was awesome to see. (Spying on your kids can be fun.)
  7. Rachel is just fun to watch on stage, She dances and sings with vigor.
  8. Anya told me that she is trying to make friends by playing with the other kids. She is just very shy. I am glad that she trying to get out of that so that she can have the friends she desires.
  9. Joseph was funny to watch on stage because he was just so much himself. Between songs and when he just had to stand still, he did not. He wiggled and fidgeted and touched the kid beside him. But when the music was playing and he was supposed to be singing and dancing, he did just that. He sang and danced with all his might.
  10. Josh loves and needs lots and lots of physical affection. That little boy just loves to hug and kiss and cuddle a ton.
  11. I potty trained Arwen this week. I think that in another week she will have it down perfectly. She tells me when she has to go already. She pooped on the floor Monday morning, but told me when she had to go every other day. She wet her pants a few times on Monday, but only once the other days. She stayed dry during church and even told me when she had to go. This is such a relief after potty training Josh who still pees his pants on a regular basis.
  12. Suzy likes to sneak off by herself and play in quiet places. I think that must have something to do with being baby # 10.
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

This Week at Our House # 19

  1. John's contract position extended to the end of May. We are hoping to then get a job closer to my parents, so somewhere in the southeast. 
  2. I came home from North Carolina on Tuesday and got right back into the swing of things. I left just 20 minutes before they broke out in a stomach flu, so I count myself lucky. I am proud of myself because I have now done piano lessons and daily practice for 4 weeks straight. Hopefully, that means a habit is forming. I've finally come to terms with the fact that if I want my kids to play piano, I have to be organized enough to be their teacher, and I have to sit with them and help them practice every day. 
  3. Ruth had her AP chem test on Monday. More than half the people do not pass, and that's nationally. Ruth felt like there was a lot of stuff on the test that she did not know, so our fingers are crossed, but no big deal if she does not make it. Ruth works very, very hard everyday. She studies for hours. She babysits and cleans houses to make money. I am very proud of Ruth. She's decided that math and science are not her thing, but she is growing into a very good writer. She's really good with French. She loves playing sports and is quite competitive. She reads her scriptures daily and has a strong testimony. I cannot believe she only has one year left before graduation. Go Ruth!
  4. Kate had her Calculus AP exam. She thought it was pretty hard, but she has been getting 5's on her practice tests and testing within the top 3 of all of the calc. classes in her high school. She's afraid she got a 4. I hope she gets that 5. 
  5. Johnny is looking so teenagery and grown up. He still has a high pitched squeaky voice, though. And he never has homework! Ruth and Kate had hours of homework each night and Johnny has homework when he has a project due and about 20 minutes of math once a week.
  6. Adam was fun to come home to. He seemed so happy to see me. I sure love that kid. 
  7. Rachel 's sassy! I'm working on it and with it. She can be the sweetest when she chooses. Rachel's grades are really, really good! She's learning how to work hard.
  8. Anya's been really good at picking up and doing her chores when she is told. She's doing really great at the piano and will practice by herself when she wants to.
  9. Somedays I think Joseph is the funnest, sweetest kid. Other days... nevermind... I think he'll grow up to be a really good guy.
  10. My mom bought Josh these crocs (the shoes) that he picked out at the store. When he saw them he said, "I want the robot shoes." He knew exactly what shoes he wanted as soon as he saw them. and he LOVES them. And he will finally put on his own shoes. I think I love these robot shoes too. 
  11. As soon as we got off the plane, Arwen said, "Where's my Amber. Where's Grandma." But she was quite happy to see her dad when he pulled up and got out of the car.
  12. Suzy, my little doll, is growing so fast. I want her babiness to last longer.
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