Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Week at Our House #2

  1. John bought this new game that can take up to 4 hours to play. The older kids are all really enjoying playing it with him. He loves all of these nerdy board games, but I think he also gets them to have games besides video games to play as a family. I am not a big board game fan. If I want to show love to John, I can play a board game.
  2. I have not been good at exercising. I completely failed this week. Thus, the new schedule. I am trying to figure out how to get everything in, but really, I'd be happy to just sit and read.  I have also thought that my kids have been using screens for entertainment entirely too much. I first tried having then sign in and out when they began and ended any sort of game or social media. That was too hard to enforce, so I made the rule that they could only use video games on Friday and Saturday and Facebook only on the weekdays. I am hoping these rules will help me control all of the screen time madness that comes with modern family life.
  3. I totally biffed it with Ruth this week. She planned a surprise birthday party for her friend at the Rec Center on Friday. She asked if I could pick everyone up and take them there. I said I could. Friday afternoon I thought it would be good to get to the Temple for an hour before taking Ruth and her friends. Well, the Temple took over 2 hours, and Ruth and I had some misunderstanding about times. Some other friends mom took all of the girls. I felt horrible. I really failed Ruth. She trusted me to be there for her and I was not. Fortunately, Ruth had a great time with her friends at the party and really enjoyed her first time ice skating.
  4. We've had a busy weekend and when I had not written anything on my blog by 8:30 tonight, Kate pulled up my blog to remind me. I think she is curious to see what I will write about her this week. Kate decided not to compete in Mock Trial this year. She really likes learning about court procedures and the laws, but her team is very different from last year's team and that alone made it not worth it for her.
  5. Johnny has been doing really well with his piano practice. He is picking it up again with ease and even seems to be enjoying it. Johnny started writing a fantasy novel. He won't let me look at it while he is near, but I can read it when he is not around. Now that he can't play video games expect on Fridays and Saturdays, I am hoping he will spend more time on creative hobbies.
  6. I got to do an art project in Adam's class this week. It is fun to see him in his school environment. His teacher told me what a good kid he is, so I asked if he was still behaving really well. She started to say yes, paused and then said, "Every now and then he does a couple of flips through the classroom." I am not surprised. Adam cannot stay right side up.
  7.  On Wednesday, Rachel found a coupon for a buy one get one free ice cream. She decided that was to be used for a date with Dad that night. Then she found out that Dad was not home. She began singing, "Dad come home. I am singing my Dad home." Dad then called and said he was taking the kids he had with him out. Fortunately, Dad listened to Mom, came home and took Rachel and Anya out on a little date. Oh, and Rachel is reading a lot better now. Hurrah!
  8. I saw Anya sitting on the couch pretending to read my book. I love it when your little kids imitate the good things you do. On the whole, however, Anya had a pretty naughty week. She cut up part of Rachel's brave wig, she stole Johnny's brand new SkyLanders guy and hid it under her bed, she called my sister in law, Marie, fat, she cried every time she needed to be buckled in the car, and she hurt Joseph during a fight over toys. Hopefully next week will be better for Anya.
  9. Joseph whined less this week. I am hoping this is the beginning of a new trend. I have not been able to get Joseph to write out his name. He almost seems afraid to do it, kind of like he was about potty training. What does that mean?
  10. Josh, of course, turned two. He was absolutely adorable during his birthday. He loves, loves, loves cars and plays with them all day long. If we cannot find Josh, he is guaranteed to be in the toy room playing with cars. He pretty much always has a toy car in his hand. Josh is talking up a storm now too. I think I am going to have another big talker in the house.
  11. Arwen is just as sweet as can be. She loves to have a pile of toys put in front of her. I can usually put her down with some toys and she will play for a good hour. She's an easy going baby. The only real difficulty I have with her is that she takes a very long time to nurse. She'll be 6 months old next week, and I could start her on solid food. She even seems ready, but with all of the RSV and such going around, I plan to have her nurse exclusively through the winter.

This Weeks Pictures

I actually kind of regret having the boys do the snow removal They did a horrible job and since it has been so frozen, we have a pretty slippery driveway and walkway.

Rachel made this card for Josh



LeAnn said...

I love reading about your family and what they are all doing. This is such a great way to do a family journal. You have such a sweet family and when you describe what they are like and are doing it brings back memories of my children at similiar ages.
Blessings and hugs!

rozanny said...

I love this update too! It's so fun to see how everyone's doing...